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What is it ?

IO/SU is a programming contest organized by students from ALIAS for students from Sorbonne Université!

When and where will it take place ?

IO/SU will take place in rooms 24-25-301 and 24-25-303, at the Jussieu campus, on Saturdray 25th November from 10:00 to 18:00 ! It is advised to be there with some advance.

You can program on your own conputer, else a profile will be provided to you if you prefer working on the faculty’s computers

A lunch (sandwiches) will be offered to the contestants (taking into account allergies and diets) around 12:30.

Who is it for ?

Every student of Sorbonne Universite can participate nevermind the curriculum or year they’re in.

How to enter ?

You only need to sign on this link ! Don’t hesistate to join our discord for the latest updates about the event !


Évènement organisé par ALIAS

informations (en)